Thursday, April 23, 2015

Working on Organizating My Blog

*I have start this Challenge this month and have been trying new templates and outlines for my blog. Changing out headers and designs trying to find something that fits my own personally and uniqueness, expanding my imagination and brighten up my blog to make a more appealing place to come and write my own thoughts down about the books I have been reading and reviewing. So thank you followers for putting up with my changes and dealing with my constant remodeling of my site. If you would like to join this challenge the information is below.*

The Book Blogger Organization Challenge hosted by The Book Addicts is a challenge for the book blogger. Blogging can be quite a project and at times is very complex and at times complicated to understand. This challenge is to fix your blog make it easier to understand and more organizated in the process.  I will put helpful tips and tricks that I learn through out this challenge below just in case you would like to try some of them for yourself.

The Book Addicts have scheduled this challenge to run from January 1st, 2015 to June 30th, 2015. They have listed each month giving you easy thing to maintain or change on your blog. This challenge will allow you to work on your blog making it into the kind of post you and your followers will want to read. Learn more at The Book Addicts.

  • APRIL: Graphics, HTML, CSS, Plug-ins
Update graphics for posts/memes/events, update button, update header
Learn Photoshop/Gimp/PicMonkey
Brush up or try to learn simple HTML and CSS (for layouts, fonts, etc). Take this month to delve into the scary world of coding! (Or at least teach yourself one new thing!)

Tips & Tricks

I am going to give you all a secret... Ro Little. She is a blog design who has created a series of videos to help you with your blog or even making a blog. It is called How to design a Blog. She walks you through everything with simple and easy steps. Using both Blogger and Wordpress, she will help you understand the world of css and html. She helped me out so much I actually bought a membership even through most of her videos are free and setting up a blog is all explained. I recommend her to every blogger, weather it is book blogging, movie blogging, video gaming, fashion, whatever. Just check her out.

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